5 Scarlet Reasons Irish Women HAVE to Strike 4 Repeal

On March 8th, women around the world will rise up to strike for gender equality. In Ireland we will take to the streets to Strike 4 Repeal, and demand a referendum to Repeal the 8th amendment. Strikes will be taking place all over Ireland and solidarity events will be happening in various countries around the world.

We take a look at the VERY scarlet reasons Irish women have to Strike 4 Repeal.

5: Generations of Oppression


Irish women have been oppressed since about 400 BE (Before Enda). This is not a new thing. The scarlet fever has been passed down to us through generations of oppression. Nevertheless, we persisted.

For centuries, the Irish government, church, and society have treated Irish women like Michelle Williams in Destiny’s Child, i.e like a second class citizen. #Strike4Michelle.

Some of the ways Irish women have been oppressed include:

  • Not being able to vote until 1922.
  • Marital rape not been outlawed until 1990!!
  • Not being able to work in state jobs while married, up until the 70’s.
  • Living in a country with one of the strictest abortion laws in the world and knowing that being pregnant, in general, in Ireland, means basically giving up all rights to your body.
  • Oh, and the Magdalene Laundries.

See our detailed scarlet thesis Repeal The Scarlet for some light reading on the generational oppression of Irish women.

4: D Hack Of The 8th Amendment

D genuine HACK of d 8th. It’s more scarlet than a Late Late Show montage of Linda Martin. It also makes NO fucking sense. Watching Inception, backward, in Russian would make more sense than the 8th amendment.

The 8th reads like the Grim Reaper sent a checklist to the Dail.

  1. Give embryo equal rights to that of grown woman – CHECK
  2. Make Doctors decide who is more important, embryo or woman. But then, throw in special twist: if they choose the woman they can go to prison for 14 years. – CHECK
  3. Also, criminalise women for procuring an abortion using abortion pills  – CHECK
  4. Criminalise abortion even in cases of RAPE – CHECK
  5. Make a woman’s maximum prison sentence for abortion 14 years, while making a rapist’s 10 years – CHECK
  6. Make people with fatal fetal abnormalities travel for healthcare – CHECK
  7. Criminalise abortion in 1984 while contraception and morning after pills are still illegal – CHECK
  8. Make abortion illegal even in cases of INCEST – CHECK

Whenever someone is against repealing the 8th amendment I genuinely shout, “YOU’RE A FUCKING PSYCHO”, in my head.

3: 34 Years Of Scarlet

That’s a video of longtime activist, Anne Rossiter.  Anne was forced to get a backstreet abortion in England in the 1960’s, and is still, to this day, fighting for full reproductive rights for Irish people.

There are so many other women like Anne, who have been fighting for years just to get a referendum. 34 years fighting to be heard. 34 years fighting to repeal the shame. 34 years trying to educate people on why pregnant people can, in fact, be trusted with their own bodies. 34 years protesting. 34 years fighting to repeal the 8th. 34 years since a referendum, meaning the people who this archaic law currently affects have NEVER had the chance to vote on it.

We are told to wait. Wait to be heard. Wait for condoms to be legalized. Wait to get the morning-after pill without a prescription. Wait at the airport for a flight to England. Wait outside the Dail for answers. Wait for the 99 to decide. Just wait. And close yer legs while ye wait too.

Please, tell us to wait ONCE more.


2: The World Is Fucked

The world is riddled with scarlet at the moment.

Look at these headlines! It’s like Stephen King wrote them. But, alas, they are real.

The Irish Government Reneged On Abortion Clinic Reform

Oklahoma Lawmakers Want Men To Approve All Abortions

Why UK Abortion Clinics Are Rejecting Irish Women

There is some light at the end of this very, very orange tunnel.  Women everywhere are rising up. And we mad as hell. The Women’s March On Washington this year was incredible, the Polish strikes last year were inspiring and Lemonade gives me life errr’day. #WhenLifeGivesYouEndaMakeLemonade

On March 8th, there will be over 30 countries striking WORLDWIDE for women’s rights. Many countries are fighting to reject potential abortion laws that we already HAVE in Ireland.

I’d be scarlet if we weren’t striking.


Image by Courtney M. Privett

1: The Irish Government


There is no more of an urgent reason to strike NOW than our scarlet leaders. The list of mortifying moments that has unfolded in the Dail in the past year alone has been mindblowing. Especially when you consider the momentum the repeal movement has generated worldwide.

The coalition to Repeal the 8th amendment is currently made up of almost 1.5 million people, making it the largest civil coalition in Irish history. 25,000 marched for choice in Dublin in September, and people in 30 cities worldwide stood in solidarity to demand a referendum. UN Calls On Ireland To Reform Abortion Laws was just one of the international headlines last year about repeal, and there were even more ridiculous cases to show how the utterly confusing and barbaric the 8th amendment is, like this one: Forced C Section A Step Too Far – Judge Rules

And yet, it’s almost like the government doesn’t care. It’s a bit like they are trying to ignore us, isn’t it?

Here’s a few fun highlights, lest we forget the mort:

  • Katherine Zappone: Ran her campaign on repealing the 8th and then voted against the bill once elected.
  • Enda Kenny: His “No Comment” catchphrase was reserved exclusively for Repeal last year. He looked like he would rather be staring down the barrel of a gun than discussing women’s rights.
  • The Dail: Nothing but tumbleweeds in the Dail on the day of the Repeal bill being debated, when about 4 people turned up, and one was the cleaner. Brid Smith didn’t need anyone there to make her speech. She made an impassioned plea for the women of Ireland at a time when it was most needed and literally threw scarlet shade at everyone who was too much of a coward to show up.
  • The Citizens’ Assembly: On the eve of the 4 year anniversary of Savita Halappanavar’s death, the government rejected a bill to repeal the 8th amendment and instead fobbed their job off on the Citizens’ Assembly. The Citizens’ Assembly is an absolute charade Enda arranged so he could drag this on for another 34 years and avoid doing what HE gets PAID to do. The Citizens’ Assembly is made up of 99 people who will discuss if we should even be allowed to have a referendum on abortion. We look forward to their next meeting when celibate, religious men, “The Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference,” will speak as to why women should not be allowed to have abortions.

This tweet comes to mind


To sum it up, the government is full of shit and always has been when it comes to Repeal.

We may not be part of their policy now (see video, below) but we will not be quiet until we are.


We will strike and fight for our rights. We will NOT WAIT another 34 years to #strike4repeal

For more information visit:

Strike for Repeal

Repeal Global

Abortion Rights Campaign







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