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The Scarlet Brigade was set up in 2015 in response to all the scarlet in the world going unnoticed and unspoken. We’ve decided basically everything is something to be scarlet over, or at least to laugh at if you’re smart about it. We spend most of our lives in a scarlet haze and its becoming too much to bare, we need to unleash the scarlet on the world. Our mind-numbing jobs barely tickle the tip of our depth and humour so we have decided to make scarlet news our full time job.

While we are trapped in a world of cubicles and mundane water cooler conversations, we try and ignore the fact that we are, in fact, scarlet to be working for the man. But while we turn our paychecks into pints and laughs we will share with you our scarlet tales and adventures.
Scarlet for our bosses for not knowing we are doing this in work.

Welcome to cringe town lads.

Scarlet for life, and it’s alright.

email us: scarletbrigade101@gmail.com

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