An Ode To Jon Stewart

An Ode To Jon Stewart 

Jon, how we love thee, let us count the ways…

Your silver fox locks,

Your brainy thought box

Your cheeky grin, to boot…

Not seeing your face will make me want to scoot-

To Canada, Europe, somewhere different, for sure

Because America is fucked and you won’t be here to expose the truth anymore

It’s funny to me- I never believed the TV

Then your face appeared on daily- happy epiphany!

No bullshit, no lies, no pandering to allies

Straight up facts that could give heart attacks

Presented with a spin to make anyone grin

From O’Reilly to Palin, Obama and more

You poked fun at them all- you were never a bore.

Sometimes I’d cry as you exposed things we can’t deny

Other times I’d laugh at stupidity that made me want to die

The common thread here is this:

Millennials are toast!

We have no one to turn to, no epic Daily Show host.

How will we gauge our levels of rage

Without you there, to set the stage?

You hero, you wonder king, you delicious hunk of man,

You’re going to be missed more than you will ever understand.

Good luck and thank you for all you have done,

But do know it hurts that the news will no longer be any fun.

Fun maybe not, but sexy as hell………….

At least you left us this hunk to drool over, seriously- good luck, Jon FAREWELL.

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