Never Trust A Fart

One of our scarlet sisters spends her days creating a brighter future for the world by teaching youngsters. Some of her lessons are hilarious, but resonate with kiddos in a way that they’ll never forget- such as the unique technique for “finding a percentage from a decimal” game by cleverly drawing an arse: The funniest part about this particular teaching mechanism is, that not long … Continue reading Never Trust A Fart

Scarlet Thanks

Ah, lads. It’s Thanksgiving week in the States and despite some seriously horrific and fucked up global events, we still have many things to be thankful for- particularly things that fly in the face of all those nutters who make it their mission to live a life full of evil. In particular this week we saw some magnificently scarlet-proof work: 1.) As brussels was on lock-down, its … Continue reading Scarlet Thanks