To All The Scarlet Ladies

Happy fucking International Women’s Day! Special shout outs to all the mammies, sisters and aunties, grannies and friends who are celebrating their lady bits without a moment’s hesitation today. Guess what though? We want to kick it up a notch. We don’t think there’s nearly enough celebration happening year round for all the amazing things women do and we want to encourage our scarlet sisterhood to dance … Continue reading To All The Scarlet Ladies

Scarlet-Proof Sanders

Very rarely at Scarlet HQ do we get caught up in political shit-storms. Actually, that is a total lie. We love a bit o drama and feel it’s a really important way to stay on top of the most scarlet happenings ’round the world. Like seriously, Sarah Palin, your 15 minutes are OVER! Okay, before we go there, we know, we know. We already posted about Trump- his … Continue reading Scarlet-Proof Sanders

Never Trust A Fart

One of our scarlet sisters spends her days creating a brighter future for the world by teaching youngsters. Some of her lessons are hilarious, but resonate with kiddos in a way that they’ll never forget- such as the unique technique for “finding a percentage from a decimal” game by cleverly drawing an arse: The funniest part about this particular teaching mechanism is, that not long … Continue reading Never Trust A Fart

Scarlet Thanks

Ah, lads. It’s Thanksgiving week in the States and despite some seriously horrific and fucked up global events, we still have many things to be thankful for- particularly things that fly in the face of all those nutters who make it their mission to live a life full of evil. In particular this week we saw some magnificently scarlet-proof work: 1.) As brussels was on lock-down, its … Continue reading Scarlet Thanks