Enda Kenny – Rushed To Hospital

News just in to us at scarlet headquarters: supreme leader in all things scarlet, Enda Kenny, has been rushed to the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin with reports he is suffering from being blind, deaf AND dumb (BDD), after people started asking him about repealing the 8th. His rambling and constant stupidity over the constitution as laid out in this article is what first got doctors alarmed. … Continue reading Enda Kenny – Rushed To Hospital

Scarlet For Ourselves

Lads! We’re fucking morto again, but in a good way. Thanks to the Littlewoods Ireland blog awards for officially nominating The Scarlet Brigade this year. The ceremony is on September 15th and we will be sending some stun huns in our place as we are too scarlet to go and also live abroad. We think ye should all start a kickstarter to get us home for the ceremony … Continue reading Scarlet For Ourselves

Repeal The 8th – A Global Gathering

Here’s the story… We at the Scarlet Brigade are, as you can imagine, SCARLET for Ireland’s 8th amendment. We are mortified at the state of our nation’s archaic abortion laws and the direct and negative impact they have on women’s rights, and we are not alone. The thing is, we live abroad and feel a bit disconnected from the conversation and we want to have … Continue reading Repeal The 8th – A Global Gathering

Boyzlife Create New Levels Of Mort

“Fuck sake, d’ya hear about this?” “What?” “The Boyzlife tour, if you can call it that. McFuckface and Duffy doing a “tour” of the Hilton hotels. Jaysus, that’s bleak. Even by their standards.” “I genuinely thought that was just a very expensive back to work scheme FAS was doing for ex boybander’s who have fallen on hard times.” “It doesn’t even make sense though, usually the … Continue reading Boyzlife Create New Levels Of Mort

First Dates Ireland – A Scarlet Investigation

“First Dates Ireland restaurant shuts down due to outbreak of scarlet fever.” Surely this is how it ends. Everyone in the restaurant dies of scarlet fever and we all fuck off back to watching The Angelus. Except, I don’t think I ever want it to end. First Dates Ireland is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I don’t know how I physically even typed that sentence without going fully purple and exploding into a … Continue reading First Dates Ireland – A Scarlet Investigation

Scarlet Parade – Met Gala 2016

We will make this quick ’cause there was ALOT of scarlet costumes to get through from last night’s Met Gala, where the theme was: “Take some acid and hope for the best.” 1: Her Royal Highness Of Life Looks like Jay won’t be calling Becky with the good hair anytime soon, ’cause bitch is clearly DEAD. Here is Queen Bey draped in Becky’s skin, showing once again … Continue reading Scarlet Parade – Met Gala 2016

Grown Man Sleeping In The Open Corpse Of A Dead Horse

No, this isn’t a gross headline from the Daily Mail. This is just another ridiculous scene from the STRUGGLE that is ‘The Revenant’. I know what you’re thinking. “Sure, what in the name of glorious fuck is this cunt on about? Isn’t The Revenant only the greatest single movie ever made!? I haven’t even see it and even I know that! Shur, didn’t Leo almost … Continue reading Grown Man Sleeping In The Open Corpse Of A Dead Horse

Wolf Of Scarlet – Oscars 2016 Lowdown

I had images of Leo losing his shit and shooting everyone at the Oscars last night if he didn’t win and get HIS OSCAR! Thank fuck we avoided seeing Morgan Freeman being blown to bits. The fear was legit though, did anyone else see him throw the gun under his chair when his name was called? Easy to miss, he played it very cool. While Winslet did her best … Continue reading Wolf Of Scarlet – Oscars 2016 Lowdown

Scarlet-Proof Sanders

Very rarely at Scarlet HQ do we get caught up in political shit-storms. Actually, that is a total lie. We love a bit o drama and feel it’s a really important way to stay on top of the most scarlet happenings ’round the world. Like seriously, Sarah Palin, your 15 minutes are OVER! Okay, before we go there, we know, we know. We already posted about Trump- his … Continue reading Scarlet-Proof Sanders