Put This In Your Ears RIGHT NOW!

Right, well, we here at Scarlet HQ love music. It’s one of the only things that can help us get through our most mortifying moments and we wouldn’t be right in the head if it weren’t for some of the tunes we play to block out our scarlet flashbacks. As this is the case, we will be sharing some of our favorite musical finds on scarlet … Continue reading Put This In Your Ears RIGHT NOW!

I Will Never Be Done!

This week’s scarlet proof item is Frazey Ford. Frazey is a Vancouver-based singer who is currently doing a world tour promoting her rather brilliant album ‘Indian Ocean.’ Jaysus, I sound like her manager. Anyway, I can’t stop listening to one particular tune off it and it’s this belter of a break up anthem: First off, the video is epic, there’s something so refreshing about how fucking normal it is. … Continue reading I Will Never Be Done!

The Times, They Are A Changin’

This has been a momentous few weeks! Bruce is finally herself: Caitlyn, gay marriage both in Ireland and across the U.S.A has been legalized and LGBTQ rights are improving across the board! Sadly, there are still some idiots out there who aren’t entirely happy about all this progress. Their little brains must get tired when they have to think from other people’s perspectives so they can’t fully comprehend what … Continue reading The Times, They Are A Changin’