Dear Enda

Dear Enda,

I am writing to you as one of the thousands of Irish people living abroad who are demanding change for Irish women. I am writing to you to repeal the 8th. To repeal the shame and to help move this country forward to become a safe and progressive place to live for all citizens.

The 8th amendment was voted into the constitution in Ireland 33 years ago. A time when being homosexual was illegal, when marital rape had still not been outlawed and the Magadelene Laundries were still open. Our generation, the generation this barbaric and vague law currently affects, has NEVER had a chance to vote on it. We live in a democracy, Enda. The 8th directly impacts 50% of the population! Why aren’t we being given the chance to vote on this!?

I write to you as one of the thousands of people who, on September 24th, 2016 took to the streets GLOBALLY, from Dublin to Vancouver, from Paris to New York, from Melbourne to Cambodia and other cities, besides. One of the many who has and will continue to fight for the rights of pregnant people in Ireland. We are fighting for OUR lives. For OUR bodies and for OUR choice. Fighting for the 12 women a day, for the 3,000 women a year, for the doctors forced to deny women medical care, because they would be breaking the law, for Savita, for Ms.X, Ms.Y and Ms.C, for all those women whose names we do not know, but whose pain we carry. We will fight. Why won’t you?

I write to you as someone from a generation of families who live on Skype. A generation who cannot afford to buy homes in their own hometowns, who can barely afford to rent and are always bloody skint. The generation who is being taxed for water and still has a crucifix over our bodies. I write to you as the generation of change. The generation who made same sex marriage legal. The generation who has thrown off our rosary beads to demand more from our country. To demand more from our government.

I write to you as someone from “generation emigration,” who would love to one day move back to this beautiful country of ours, but why should we? Why would any of us move back to somewhere that denies us bodily autonomy? Denies us choice? Why would we move back to a country that does not trust us? That does not want to give us the freedoms we so rightly deserve as human beings?

Polls have shown that 67% of voters in Ireland would be FOR repealing the 8th. The coalition to repeal the 8th is made up of 60+ organizations and 1/3 of the population, making it the largest civil coalition in Irish history. The UN has called the 8th amendment a “violation of  human rights.”

You are charged, as the leader of Ireland, with the duty of listening to your people, and yet, you are ignoring us. You are failing us. Why should we vote for you, if you are not voting for us?

You cannot keep denying the facts and the evidence, Enda. The evidence that clearly shows the 8th amendment is NOT working. This is NOT a divisive, complex or moral issue. It’s extremely clear. What a woman does with her body, is none of yours, or anybody else’s business.


The Scarlet Generation



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