Leo Varadkar – A Scarlet Investigation

If someone had told me a few years ago that Enda Kenny’s likely successor would be the son of an Indian immigrant who was also a young, openly gay doctor I would have fucking jumped for joy. I would have thrown the scarlet shackles off me, screaming, “DOOOOOON’T STOP…. BELIEVING! HOLD ONTO THAT FEEEEEEEEELING!”

But that person ended up being Leo Varadkar, so I ran back into the scarlet bunker and put on REM “Everybody Hurts” and haven’t left since.

If you’re wondering what those queues outside the doctor’s office are this morning, it’s people lining up for a scarlet fever vaccination ’cause Leo is spreading it around like wild fire.

Seriously, we could be dealing with our most conservative leader yet and definitely our most scarlet. He literally said he only wants to run a country, “for those who get up early in the morning.” Grim. With one sentence he has told us exactly what level of scarlet we are dealing with. Don’t have a job? Piss off. Mental health issues that stop you from even being able to even get out of bed? Find a different leader. Someone who works night shifts? Back in your coffin, you vampire. You’re on Leo time now.

Leo “I Don’t Press Snooze” Vardakar is coming for you all, you lazy shits.

At least his scarlet is well and truly out in the open though. He came straight out of the Margaret Thatcher School Of Scarlet singing, “WORKING FOR THE 1%, WHAT A WAY TO MAKE A LIVING.”

Leo and his right wing flew into the Dail in 2011 and here is just some of the scarlet he has dumped on us peasants since then.

1: Defunding Mental Health.


Leo went where most parasites go first. Society’s most vulnerable. He cut €12 million from the mental health budget in 2016 stating the “funding could be used better elsewhere.” As anyone who has dealt with the mental health services in Ireland will know it’s ALREADY largely ignored and underfunded. Funding for mental health is VITAL. You’d have more chance of getting Tupac on the phone than you do of getting a dual diagnosis in Ireland. Unless you are standing outside the emergency room with a gun to your head, it can be almost impossible to get the right treatment needed. 10 people die EACH WEEK by suicide in Ireland. Ireland also has one of the highest rates of suicide in Europe for young men. And in an already severely underfunded area, Leo, a DOCTOR himself, cut €12 million in funding to it.

Like robbing the last fiver off a homeless man.

2: He’s Allergic To The Working Class.


Leo ran his Taoiseach campaign on his, ‘Welfare Cheats Cheat Us All’ hate campaign. As a man who is clearly ALLERGIC to the working class, even this was a new low. He spent over €200,000 on this advertising campaign which encouraged people to name and shame welfare cheats. Let’s not forget that we are a country governed by people that lets bankers who drove the country into a recession and robbed us of millions, roam free. A country that wouldn’t take €14.5 BILLION in taxes OWED to us by Apple for fear it would stop other multi national companies from setting up here. Imagine all the big boy banners Leo could have bought with that money.  Of course there are probably some people fraudulently claiming benefits, but nowhere near the amount Leo has spoken about, as Bernadette Gorman (who has been involved with department of social welfare for over 30 years) stated in this interview:

Gorman said that from her experience investigating welfare claims, “complex human stories” rather than conscious fraud are often behind welfare rules being broken.

“Over 70% of these payments are going to OAPs and disabled people, now maybe Leo Varadkar thinks that these people don’t have a vote but I can tell you OAPs do have a vote and it is a hate campaign and the statistics are incorrect,” Gorman said.

But yeah, let’s name and shame a few people who might earn a few extra quid cash in hand to feed their family. Let’s spend more money on the fucking advertising campaign for this than was likely even “fraudulently” taken from us oh so morally elite tax payers. Leo ran around the place with his big boy signs on buses and his made up facts about all of this fraud he was going to expose. It turned out there was one single case of identity fraud this year.

The only real fraud Leo exposed was himself.

2: Stand In The Way Of All Mná


No wonder he gets up so early in the morning with the number of people he has to oppress in one day. His comments on repeal the 8th and women’s rights in general are of course, SCARLEH. He would, in fairness, be in favour of a change in the 8th amendment but as his left wing has fallen off he would have to put limits on it. ‘Cause women can’t be trusted. I assume he has another sign saying that in his oppression workshop.

Leo, as we know, finds it very hard to keep all his morto contained. This is an actual excerpt from an interview he gave:

But he said he wouldn’t be in favour of legalising abortions for victims of rape: “I wouldn’t be in favour of it in that case, and, you know, first of all, it isn’t the child’s fault that they’re the child of rape.”

“How would that work practically? Would someone have to prove that they’ve been raped? I think where that’s been brought in in countries it has more or less led to abortion on demand,” he said in an interview with the Sunday Independent magazine. “You can say the same thing about disabled children. You know, some people would make that argument in favour of abortion. It’s not their fault they’re disabled. I wouldn’t be in favour of it in those circumstances either.”

It’s estimated that around 5,000 women travel from Ireland to Britain for abortions every year, but Mr Varadkar said there were no double standards on the issue. “People travel overseas to do things overseas that aren’t legal in Ireland all the time. You know, are we going to stop people going to Las Vegas? Are we going to stop people going to Amsterdam? There are things that are illegal in Ireland and we don’t prevent people from travelling overseas to avail of them.”

“It’s not the child’s fault they are a child of rape”. Sorry, are you trying to say that it is the woman’s fault that she is a victim of rape? Gowl.

Comparing 12 women a day that HAVE to travel for abortion with someone going to Amsterdam for a few spliffs is fucking gross.

The only bright side of Leo being in government is that he is no longer a practising Doctor. Imagine the horror.

3: His “coming in here, taking our jobs” policy. 

Even though Leo himself is the son of an immigrant, it doesn’t stop him from going after this group as well. As proven, Leo’s scarlet does not discriminate. He suggested to the government, that essentially, immigrants should be given money  from the government to fuck off back where they came from.

Forget about the fact that Irish people have emigrated to every single country in the world in our time of need and have never been rejected, but, yeah, let’s fuck anyone out of our country who doesn’t follow Leo’s rules.

If they get up before 7am though, they might stand a chance of staying.

4: Everything else:

His other greatest hits include trying to put a stop to one of the most vital rights of a worker and society in general: The Right To Protest. He wants to stop “essential workers” from going on strike. Seeming as you hate people without jobs so much though, isn’t EVERY person that works essential in your eyes?

If you have been following Leo’s scarlet trail, you will know he loves nothing more than the sound of his own voice and the sight of his own face. I expect his first official business if he becomes Taoiseach will be to erect a massive statue of himself in place of the spire on O’ Connell St. Actually, scratch that. He wouldn’t be caught dead on O’ Connell St. He will probably build a wall around it.

This time tomorrow, Leo Varadkar could be our new leader and only those in a private sector scarlet bunker are getting out of this alive.

The rest of us are fucked. Buckle up.




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