Serial Scarlet

Sara Koenig straight up Beyoncéd us last week and dropped season 2 of Serial like it was no big deal. One of the reasons I love her (besides her melodic tone that now voices all my internal monologues), is she simply doesn’t give a fuck. She’s all, “here it is bitches, now shut up cause I gots work to do!”

Series 2 of Serial is back and is as compelling and confusing as ever. By the end of it I was convinced that I was Bowe Bergdahl.

Also, since when can you just call up the Taliban?? Sara is such a fucking boss!!!


“Howya, the Taliban here.”

“HELLO… IT’S MEEEEEEEEEEEE….. just need to ask you a few questions, won’t be long…”

Sorry, what?!! I hope season 3 is entirely about how she got the Taliban’s number.


* Here’s me listening to Serial on my hipster radio, while holding a picture of Sara. 

Serial is the only thing that I focus 100% on when listening to it cause I am a millennial bitch with 17 devices and have the attention span of a puppy with ADHD. I think I lost 10 pounds during season 1 from the stress of it all.

Every single thing I talk about or write about for the foreseeable future will have something to do with serial OR cereal, depending on my mood.

Oh, Mail Kimp girl, it’s good to have you back.



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