Announcement: Paddy’s Day Scarletitis!

In fairness, we love a good sesh on Paddy’s Day. In fact, in our international adventures we have found that many people do, all around the globe—Irish or “Irish for the Day,” and that’s just fan-fuckin’-tastic! We get it! Socially acceptable binge drinking is a LAUGH.

What’s not a laugh? As people around the world prance around with four leaf clovers and leprechaun beards and dye rivers green, we are left in our scarlet haze, as these celebrations gloss over the fact that while yes, Ireland is full of magic and faeries, it also has some scarlet secrets that we’re tired of people glossing over globally…Namely the 8th amendment which restricts access to abortion care.

We’re Irish and we’re proud but we’re MORTO over the 8th amendment. Even now, in 2018 (!!!!), we are fighting for freedom and rights over our own bodies and we need your help (Jaysus! It’s all scarletitis-inducing! We hate to even ask buuuut):

This year, as you toast the leprechauns and rainbows and the general mayhem of Paddy Day celebrations, please take a moment to stop and toast the incredible advocates still fighting for bodily autonomy in Ireland, and the end of the 8th. Snap a pic and use the hashtag #pints4repeal #repealthe8th and whatever Paddy’s Day hashtags tickle your fancy to shed some international light on the campaign. Here’s the link to our global event to share:

We’re also asking everyone who can, to please donate $8 or €8 or 8 pints worth of coin to the Abortion Support Network. They help pregnant people afford the cost of travel for abortion services. Here’s the link!

Donate here

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