Piss Off…..

We would like to take this time to tell a few people, to….well…..TO FUCKING PISS OFF.

We were gonna make a video, of us walking through a park, all Verve like, banging off people, while a really cool beat plays in the background and we read this all slam poetry like and moody as fuck. Except we can’t be arsed, so, like, just picture all that when you’re reading this, yeah? Or else, y’know, you can always PISS OFF.

Piss off to the bus driver who drove off even though he saw me running. I stand and wait, when all I wanna do is create. Break out. Stay out.

Piss off the pricks that record everything at gigs, in constant fomo. Trying to create lols, get likes, here’s a picture of me on a bike, oh look there I am on a fucking hike, living a virtual life. Piss off the people who upload and edit their lives. Humble brag you are not. Back in your fucking box.

Piss off to the teenagers who mooch around doorways, shouting obscenities, when in reality, they just crave some normality.

Piss off to the government for not giving them anything to do, nowhere to go. For leaving them on the edge of society. Where you can’t see. Where you don’t go.

Piss off to the man, to the machine- for creating a world of slaves, of back aches and high stakes. Fuck your 9-5 just to stay alive.

Piss off to Buzzfeed for trying to give me all the “feels.” Piss off to the Google quacks for making me a hypochondriac. Ah, it was the worry of the cancer that got her in the end, she didn’t even need to pretend.

Piss off to yer wan who asks for a smoke AND a lighter.

Piss off to yer man in front of me who took the last slice of  pizza in Megabite last night.

Piss off to Donald Trump for being a class A cunt.

Piss off to RTE for giving Brendan O’ Connor his own show, his own stage, for being a constant source of outrage. For refusing to catch up and click on, recycling  the same ol’, old ones. Same person, different show, a woman, who? Wants her own show? Piss off. Not on our watch.

Piss off to Leo Varadkar and his lot, on their high horses, in their high houses, counting the money that WE paid them. Unearned income. Recession doesn’t effect scum.

Piss off to the bankers for fucking us over, for creating a generation unable to recover. For pushing us out, for taking our house. A nation of families living on Skype, pretending everything’s all right. “No news here love, prices of houses gone up, government still running a-muck.”

Piss off to the Catholic Church for being morally corrupt, ​for betraying our trust. Criminals in disguise, we still let you terrorize. “Get up for mass”. “G’way, I’d say, fuck your lord’s day, the “holy” day.”

Piss off ​to ​Ireland, for laying claim to my womb, taking women’s choices, silencing our voices. Piss off to the judge for shaming that girl. For marking her life with YOUR fucking archaic shite. Reproductive choice is a right. Not something we should have to fight for, to strive for, to fucking FLY for.

Piss off to me for leaving the country, for being a statistic when I should be outside the Dail going fucking ballistic. Fighting for our rights and screaming for our nation. In reality the only war I’ll partake in is a Netflix invasion. A product of a fucked generation.

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