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Right, well, we here at Scarlet HQ love music. It’s one of the only things that can help us get through our most mortifying moments and we wouldn’t be right in the head if it weren’t for some of the tunes we play to block out our scarlet flashbacks. As this is the case, we will be sharing some of our favorite musical finds on scarlet proof (as you’ve seen) and will continue to do so on the regular- mostly because you need some chuuuuuuunes to provide the soundtrack to your scarlet life, right!?! Of course we’re right. (We’re always right.)

This week’s scarlet proof selection is Dublin’s own, Sample Answer. His new tune ‘Good Boy’ is making waves and he’s been doing the rounds supporting Damien Rice this year. Remember when Damien Rice used to date Renée Zellweger??? Remember when Renée Zellweger had a normal face? No? Anyway, that’s all a bit bleak sooooo, back to Sample Answer!

SA 3

He’s mad cute as well, but I didn’t say that, my mates did. I couldn’t say that cause he is my cousin and I don’t wanna get all Woody Allen up in here. Anywhoooo, this is all a bit awkward now, I’ll leave you to listen his magic below while I get my cringe blanket out.

Check out his sound cloud and you’ll be whistling along to ‘Good Boy’ in no time and I for real broke my finger rewinding ‘Hold Onto Me’. I should probably stop using tapes.

Also, check out his dope video for Good Boy and this little gem from his latest music fest:

SERIOUSLY, LISTEN TO HIM!!!!! and let the Scarlet Brigade know your thoughts on Sample Answer!

(But also know we don’t really give a fuck what you think because he wouldn’t be scarlet proof unless he was fucking epic, so piss off!)

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