Repeal The 8th – A Global Gathering

Here’s the story…

We at the Scarlet Brigade are, as you can imagine, SCARLET for Ireland’s 8th amendment. We are mortified at the state of our nation’s archaic abortion laws and the direct and negative impact they have on women’s rights, and we are not alone. The thing is, we live abroad and feel a bit disconnected from the conversation and we want to have our voices heard. We know we are not the only people abroad who feel this way, so we have come up with a plan.

We have teamed up with repeal activists in Ireland – including the Abortion Rights Campaign – and we will be holding a Global Gathering on 24.9.16. The idea is simple: we want to unite Irish communities and their allies at home and abroad on ONE DAY to gather in our respective cities / towns and take over social media to demand change.

It’s time to come together, wherever we are, and Repeal the 8th!

For those that don’t know, ‘Repeal the 8th’ is the fight for safe and legal abortions for women in Ireland. Marginalized women are disproportionately impacted by Irish abortion laws, including women experiencing poverty, migrant women and asylum seekers. You can read more about Ireland’s shameful treatment of women here and in our previous post.

So here’s the plan:

On 24.9.16, Dublin will be having a march for choice. We want to join them and make this a GLOBAL movement to show the government and the world that we will NOT be silenced. We will unite across the globe to hold gatherings and take over social media. Here’s how you can get involved…

1: Hold a Repeal the 8th Gathering

We have already lined up gatherings for Vancouver, Portland, Brussels and Sydney to coincide with the march for choice in Dublin (more details to follow on each of these gatherings).

Don’t see your locality here, but want to get involved? It’s easy!

Hold a gathering of your own, big or small. It can be a few mates in your house, a big group near a landmark, or a full blown protest… why not!? For the best impact, wear your repeal merchandise (you can order some from the stun hun websites, linked below), and make signs telling the government how you feel. the main thing is to take a shitload of photos and share them all over social media with the hashtags #repealthe8th #global8 #riseandrepeal.

We also plan to make a short film in association with The Irish Film Academy featuring the photos and footage from these gatherings, showcasing the fight to Repeal the 8th so far. (So, you know, you could be mad famous!)

2: Social Media Takeover

We will be taking over social media on 24.9.16… giz a hand!

Here’s what we need you to do:
1: Change your profile pictures on social media to Repeal the 8th logo or picture (options provided).
2: Put up a post / tweet of why you think Repealing the 8th NEEDS to happen.
3: Flood social media with repeal selfies, pics of your Global Gathering and videos.
4: There will be an official repeal the 8th Global Gathering Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Like them, share them, retweet them, join them. The more support, the more impact!

TOGETHER we will RISE & REPEAL and take over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumbler, THE FUCKING WORLD!

There is much more to come from this movement but for now let’s gather, share this event and demand that the Irish government repeals the 8th!

Join us on 24.9.16 – One day, One Voice, We WILL be heard.


Get your repeal merch here,  here and here.


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Thank you to Danielle Townsend and Jasmine Renée for these amazing designs! Share them to show your support!

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