Scarlet For Ourselves

Lads! We’re fucking morto again, but in a good way.

Thanks to the Littlewoods Ireland blog awards for officially nominating The Scarlet Brigade this year. The ceremony is on September 15th and we will be sending some stun huns in our place as we are too scarlet to go and also live abroad.

We think ye should all start a kickstarter to get us home for the ceremony and probs best we go this weekend, to give us time to get over the jetlag and shur we may as well go to Electric Picnic while we are there. Just at a guess, we would say around €3,000 should cover all costs for us. Pennies when you think about it really lads. We can email our bank details if someone just wants to lodge the money directly, cut out the kickstarter middle man.



Here’s a link to check out all of the finalists:

Here’s a link for Littlewoods Ireland if yiz fancy sending us some new clobber too:

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