Scarlet-Proof STRIKE

International Women’s Day.

March 8th, 2017. More than 50 international strikes. For change. For choice. For equality.

There is a war on women happening worldwide and we have had ENOUGH. We are fighting back, and solidarity is our weapon. Yesterday, millions of people stood up in solidarity to demand change and justice for ALL women. Here are some of the great moments from around the world, in what was truly a scarlet proof day.

(Excluding the Irish Government, obviously.)

Strike 4 Repeal: 



10-12 thousand people went on Strike 4 Repeal and protested at the Irish government’s absolute MORTIFYING treatment of Irish women. We went on strike for free, safe and legal access to abortion. We went on strike to separate church and state. We went on strike to DEMAND a referendum for OUR reproductive rights. Solidarity events took place all over Ireland and global solidarity events and actions also happened across the world to demand a referendum to repeal the 8th amendment.








New York

There wasn’t an ounce of scarlet to be seen as Irish people marched on the streets yesterday, which is historical in its own right. As usual, the battle for “Most Scarlet” was left up to RTE & the Irish government and what a fight it was.

RTE almost knocked the scarlet out of the park in round one by following up their nightly Angelus (where people dedicate a minute of silence every day to recognize the scarlet shame that is embedded in Irish culture) with about 3 seconds coverage of the historic strike. Instead, they focused on the groundbreaking news of stamps going up in price. They then went to Scarlet HQ (a.k.a the Dail) and decided to side eye Ruth Coppinger with their camera, making sure her Repeal Jumper was not beamed into the homes of people who still haven’t recovered from mass being turned into a session on Facebook.

They were SO scarlet that there is now going to be a protest at RTE next week to remind them AGAIN how scarlet they are. Can we not get a break from the scarlet fever, just for ONE day?

Not to be outdone by the amateurs at RTE, the government upped the scarlet stakes by reusing a statement they wrote in 1985 basically stating, “We’re not going to be arsed doing anything about this abortion lark until those randomers in the Citizens Assembly have told us what to do. And that’s only if anyone’s arsed reading their report. ‘Til then, we’re all hiding out in Enda’s basement until someone can figure out what to do with all the women.”

They seem to have forgotten Irish women’s tolerance levels for scarlet. WE CAN & WE WILL REPEAL. 

Powerful International Women’s Strikes happened all over the world.

Here’s just a peek at just some of the queens uniting worldwide to demand rights and equality. While the focus of the actions might be slightly different, the core of the message is the same: WE ARE WOMEN. WE ARE EQUAL. HEAR US ROAR!





















Polish Women in London




Syrian Women In Solidarity For Strike 4 Repeal

We leave you with this great video of the Irish Strike 4 Repeal. A huge shout out to our sisters @strike4repeal, the Repeal Coalition and the International Women’s Strike for organizing such powerful events and encouraging a worldwide sisterhood in solidarity. We are proud to stand with you and fight alongside you in a crusade for justice and women’s rights.

For more information on Repeal the 8th in Ireland and the International Women’s Strike, you can read some of our scarlet reports on women’s rights here:

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