Scarlet Thanks

Ah, lads.

It’s Thanksgiving week in the States and despite some seriously horrific and fucked up global events, we still have many things to be thankful for- particularly things that fly in the face of all those nutters who make it their mission to live a life full of evil. In particular this week we saw some magnificently scarlet-proof work:

1.) As brussels was on lock-down, its people responded with cat pics dripping with inventive photoshop tactics:

Belgian Cat


2.) This Irish farmer gave exactly zero fucks on the news wearing his glorious hat,

Irish Farmer


3.) The ingenuity that the city of Hermiston, Oregon had in it’s recent branding efforts, culminating in this tagline: YOU CAN GROW HERE. Particularly great is the fact that Oregon recently made marijuana legal, and the tagline now has a whole new meaning. (Note the emphasis on the word GROW.)

Hermiston Grow


And also, this week (and every week), we at Scarlet HQ are thankful for YOU. Thanks for reading, subscribing, liking and sharing Scarlet tidbits and tales. Thanks for looking to us when you need some scarlet. Thanks for being consistently scarlet and sharing your scarlet tales, too. #scarletforusforsayingthankssomuch


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