IRELAND, A SCARLET TIMELINE. Special Edition: The Oppression of Women

Have a quick tour of the mort that is the history of women’s oppression in Ireland by clicking through this  presentation.* *May induce scarletitis which Scarlet Brigade/Repeal Global recommends a prescription of YES VOTE** to cure. **Only available to eligible voters on May 25th in the Republic of Ireland. A majority yes vote will cure future scarlet-inducing, 8th-related terrors. YES FOR EMPATHY. YES FOR BODILY … Continue reading IRELAND, A SCARLET TIMELINE. Special Edition: The Oppression of Women

The Invisible War

There’s an invisible war happening, and it’s been happening for many centuries, only this year it’s gotten horrifically worse. And no, I’m not talking about what the government did with the rest of the Toblerone bar #brexitbastards. I’m talking about the war against women. Sit down, grab yourself a stiff drink ’cause I’m about to dump some serious scarlet shit on yiz. Most women know … Continue reading The Invisible War

Dear America

Dear America, It’s me, your uterus. Or, well. Your collective uterus. Your daughter’s uterus. Your wife’s uterus. Your mother’s uterus. Your granddaughter’s uterus. YOUR UTERUS. You know, the one that makes the future happen? the one that each and every one of you incubated in for months? Yeah, that uterus. When you go to the polls tomorrow, please know that my future, that is, the … Continue reading Dear America

Repeal The 8th – A Global Gathering

Here’s the story… We at the Scarlet Brigade are, as you can imagine, SCARLET for Ireland’s 8th amendment. We are mortified at the state of our nation’s archaic abortion laws and the direct and negative impact they have on women’s rights, and we are not alone. The thing is, we live abroad and feel a bit disconnected from the conversation and we want to have … Continue reading Repeal The 8th – A Global Gathering