Repeal The 8th – A Global Gathering

Here’s the story… We at the Scarlet Brigade are, as you can imagine, SCARLET for Ireland’s 8th amendment. We are mortified at the state of our nation’s archaic abortion laws and the direct and negative impact they have on women’s rights, and we are not alone. The thing is, we live abroad and feel a bit disconnected from the conversation and we want to have … Continue reading Repeal The 8th – A Global Gathering

Cork Plans Its Escape

#BREXIT has thrown the whole world into shock and panic. The biggest outcry however is coming from Cork people who are said to be fucking fuming they didn’t think of this first and are now looking to stage their own, “rebel referendum,” with the hopes of floating off onto their own secluded island, sparking the #CORXIT plan.   Speaking at the #CORXIT rally, chairperson of the “People’s Republic … Continue reading Cork Plans Its Escape

First Dates Ireland – A Scarlet Investigation

“First Dates Ireland restaurant shuts down due to outbreak of scarlet fever.” Surely this is how it ends. Everyone in the restaurant dies of scarlet fever and we all fuck off back to watching The Angelus. Except, I don’t think I ever want it to end. First Dates Ireland is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I don’t know how I physically even typed that sentence without going fully purple and exploding into a … Continue reading First Dates Ireland – A Scarlet Investigation

Scarlet Track Of The Day

Six:   I’m not even going to bother with their song, ’cause the best thing about Six was this fucking acting masterpiece by Dame Coyle. The whole Coyle family trying to scam Linda Martin needs to be made into a six part RTE series, starring Linda Martin as Linda Martin,and an ageing Dana as Nuhdeen Coyle. “Oh may gawd Linda, ay swear tu yew my date of burth … Continue reading Scarlet Track Of The Day

Brandon Flowers- Scarlet Proof Since 1981

LOOK at Brandon Flowers’ actual face. I SAID, LOOK AT IT!!!  Shut, how could you ever be scarlet with a face like that? I forgot he even existed for a while. I genuinely thought The Killers were bunged up in some mormon church singing for their supper, but no, turns out they released a couple of albums since ‘Hot Fuzz’, but who cares about that. … Continue reading Brandon Flowers- Scarlet Proof Since 1981

The Times, They Are A Changin’

This has been a momentous few weeks! Bruce is finally herself: Caitlyn, gay marriage both in Ireland and across the U.S.A has been legalized and LGBTQ rights are improving across the board! Sadly, there are still some idiots out there who aren’t entirely happy about all this progress. Their little brains must get tired when they have to think from other people’s perspectives so they can’t fully comprehend what … Continue reading The Times, They Are A Changin’