Oscars 2017 – Scarlet Recap

What a time to be alive! Here’s our: Top Five Most Scarlet Moments From The 2017 Oscars. 5: Justin Timberlake Trolling Everyone No better man to kick off the scarlet than JT. He barged into the auditorium like a man possessed, singing his anthem, ‘Can’t Stop The Scarlet.’ And in fairness, he can’t. He not only managed to make the worst song of all time, MORE annoying, he also went on … Continue reading Oscars 2017 – Scarlet Recap

Grown Man Sleeping In The Open Corpse Of A Dead Horse

No, this isn’t a gross headline from the Daily Mail. This is just another ridiculous scene from the STRUGGLE that is ‘The Revenant’. I know what you’re thinking. “Sure, what in the name of glorious fuck is this cunt on about? Isn’t The Revenant only the greatest single movie ever made!? I haven’t even see it and even I know that! Shur, didn’t Leo almost … Continue reading Grown Man Sleeping In The Open Corpse Of A Dead Horse

Wolf Of Scarlet – Oscars 2016 Lowdown

I had images of Leo losing his shit and shooting everyone at the Oscars last night if he didn’t win and get HIS OSCAR! Thank fuck we avoided seeing Morgan Freeman being blown to bits. The fear was legit though, did anyone else see him throw the gun under his chair when his name was called? Easy to miss, he played it very cool. While Winslet did her best … Continue reading Wolf Of Scarlet – Oscars 2016 Lowdown