Scarlet Recap – Taylor Swift, Rose of Tralee, Louis Ck and Katy Perry

Last week was another historic week in the Scarlet Olympics. Taylor Swift made a sneaky comeback to the scarlet games, and Louis CK came out of nowhere and waved his scarlet torch around, but it was reigning World Champion of Scarlet, Daithi O Se, who went home with the gold again. Here is your recap of all the scarlet happenings from this very morto week: … Continue reading Scarlet Recap – Taylor Swift, Rose of Tralee, Louis Ck and Katy Perry

Scarlet-Proof STRIKE

International Women’s Day. March 8th, 2017. More than 50 international strikes. For change. For choice. For equality. There is a war on women happening worldwide and we have had ENOUGH. We are fighting back, and solidarity is our weapon. Yesterday, millions of people stood up in solidarity to demand change and justice for ALL women. Here are some of the great moments from around the world, in what … Continue reading Scarlet-Proof STRIKE

We Need To Talk About Linda

No, we REALLY need to talk about Linda. We were actually in the middle of writing a list of Ireland’s most scarlet moments when we realised it was almost ALL about Linda Martin. So, we decided to scrap the rest for now and just focus on Ireland’s true scarlet beacon. Here are Linda’s top five most horrifying moments. 5: Why The Fuck? Why me? Why fucking us, Linda? Linda … Continue reading We Need To Talk About Linda