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Galway Girl – A Scarlet Unpacking

800 years of oppression. The Famine. Louis Walsh. The 8th Amendment. 50 years of The Late Late Show. Linda Martin. The Catholic Church. So. Much. Mort. And now we have to deal with Ed Sheeran’s, ‘Galway Girl.’ ‘Galway Girl’ is a subtle terrorist attack on Ireland that will slowly wipe us all out from scarlet fever, leaving only those immune to scarlet, alive. This short list … Continue reading Galway Girl – A Scarlet Unpacking

Repeal The Scarlet – Repeal The 8th!

The fact that repealing the 8th amendment is taking soooooo long is not surprising. As history has proven Ireland has always been a right little prick to women. Here’s a timeline of all the scarlet Ireland has made women endure. I’d set your mind to RAAAAAAGE, right about now. 17th&18th century: The Magdalene Laundries opened. Where in fact, not a lot of laundry was done. They specialized … Continue reading Repeal The Scarlet – Repeal The 8th!

About Us

If you don’t know what we mean by the word scarlet, I’m actually fifty shades of scarlet for you right now. I am fucking shattered with the scarletness. Infact, I’m even scarlet for your ma for havin’ ya. In fairness though, if you don’t know what scarlet is, that’s alright. That’s why we’re here. Scarlet is like a plague. You might see something or someone acting in … Continue reading About Us