I Will Never Be Done!

This week’s scarlet proof item is Frazey Ford.

Frazey is a Vancouver-based singer who is currently doing a world tour promoting her rather brilliant album ‘Indian Ocean.’ Jaysus, I sound like her manager. Anyway, I can’t stop listening to one particular tune off it and it’s this belter of a break up anthem:

First off, the video is epic, there’s something so refreshing about how fucking normal it is. But then it’s not normal cause Frazey is so COOL. It looks like she just filmed this one Friday on Commercial Drive and then ran off to be a boss ass bitch somewhere else.

Also, the lyrics are great and I should know ’cause I once won a box of chocolates in school for a poem I wrote. About chocolates. I called it “Melting.” (It will likely appear in vintage scarlet some day as a treat for you all.)

Anyway, enough of ME, go and see Frazey play live.

She’s playing Vancouver Folk Festival next weekend but it’s an absolute rip off, so just sit outside on the grass drinking cans. Literally, the same view. Frazey will also be in Whelan’s, Dublin on October 9th. If you live in other places just google it because I can’t even deal on a Friday.

Now get away and have a drink and be extra mortofying this weekend for me.

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