Irish Dad Takes Longest Selfie In History

The main thing I kept thinking watching this is I am 100% getting my mother a go pro for Christmas, setting it to selfie and sending her on a backpacking trip through South America. Irish parents doing anything on camera is fucking epic. I have a series in development which is just my mother on Skype every week, it opens with her Skyping me to let me know that her Skype, is in fact, not working. Things take a turn for the worst when she cannot comprehend that she’s in fact using the same thing she says doesn’t work. HBO and Comedy Central are currently in a bidding war for it.

This video though. This man. It’s so sweet. I mean, 100% scarlet, but so sweet. Smashing into the door but not even being scarlet about it cause he thinks the camera is pointed the other way is sublime. His enthusiasm for everything reminded me of my mam in Filene’s basement in New York when they had a bed sheet sale on. To see the look on an Irish mammy’s face when she realises everything is 100% cotton and 50% off is both frightening and glorious.

Anyway, go on, I’ll leave you to it. We could all do with a good laugh after the fucking horror show that was last week.

If you’re itching for more Irish parental scarletness, then check the show below out. I know, I know I’m about two years behind the times, ’cause this is already a massive hit and has won an Emmy, so pipe down Judge Judy. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake.

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