Purple Rain, Purple Rain

Can 2016 just fucking PISS OFF already?

It seems that every time we turn on the news another legend has clocked it– first BOWIE!? now PRINCE! who’s next? PLEASE TAKE CHRIS BROWN…….PLEEEEEASE.

It’s hard not to be devastated over this type of news. We are currently at scarlet headquarters busting out our own raspberry berets in his honor, huddled in a corner weeping hysterically to purple rain…but, I have to be honest here: the rapid fire at which this news spread also causes me to pause in a scarlet haze. Respect for the man and his family should come first, but about 12 seconds after he has died, every TMZ  leech with a camera is outside his house taking photos. Half of them are probably confused as to who Prince is and are currently boarding a flight to Buckingham Palace. Gowls. Christ, give his family a second to fucking digest this. 

We’re off to the bunker to watch his Superbowl performance on loop for the rest of eternity or at least until something positive hits our virtual waves. Come on 2016, gimme something GOOD.

Scarlet for the world today.


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