Scarlet-Proof Sanders

Very rarely at Scarlet HQ do we get caught up in political shit-storms. Actually, that is a total lie. We love a bit o drama and feel it’s a really important way to stay on top of the most scarlet happenings ’round the world. Like seriously, Sarah Palin, your 15 minutes are OVER! Okay, before we go there, we know, we know. We already posted about Trump- his toupee deserves its own scarlet page, but today we’re going to go positive in our review of politics. Yes, we said  P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E (pronounced: “Non-Irish individual”). Positive is actually an adjective, and it means not scarlet all of the time and is also really annoying to listen to in the morning.

BERNIE SANDERS: you are the MOST scarlet-proof politician we have seen in our lifetimes – and we are Oprah Winfrey levels of grateful that you are mobilizing the masses and invigorating a somewhat complacent/apathetic public. After your caucus performance in Iowa (don’t get me started on Iowa- i’m actually in love with your little state after that show, you wonderful corn-lovin’, blizzard-facin’ caucus-goers).  (Side note for Irish people reading this- Iowa is completely irrelevant unless it’s election time and then it’s suddenly very relevant, as this season of Good Wife will show you. Good Wife side note: COME BACK WILL!) I’m starting to believe in a future that is fucking fabulous for EVERYONE not just helicopter-riding Trumpy-bollixes and their cronies, or gun-toting conservatives and religious zealots. I like seeing a playing field get leveled, and as much as I can’t stand the republicans, it’s like they’re trying to reach a new low this time around.

We know that the USA looks ridiculous on the international stage- like seriously, BHUTAN has better maternity leave than we do. Odds are you might not quite remember where Bhutan is on a map (scarlet for anyone who checks now), but what you should know is- it is a third world country. We’re a developed nation and can’t compete with that. CHRIST!

The best thing about Bernie is he’s not just about him. He is seriously all about US. He speaks about his candidacy as though we are all running, together. Because, good news people- WE ARE. With Bernie we fucking ARE. Not a single super pac, not a single corporate backer. ONLY INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS (of on average $27)- that is what Bernie’s campaign is built on. The dreams of MANY not just the mighty, wealthiest few.

We’re tired of the American “democracy” being purchased by the assholes who sleep on mattresses made of dollah dollah billz while we all scrounge under our couches for bus fare. People are fucking delusional voting for GOP candidates in this day and age. And by GOP we’re talking about people who want us to turn back time to when women didn’t have control over their own bodies and when segregation was a fucking policy.

Unless you are IN the 1% (if you are in the 1% gimme a shout on tindey, yeah?) you should be uniting for Bernie’s candidacy.

He’s a fucking baller, who represents US, the regular Joe shmoes of the world who want a quality, balanced life with the means to prioritize healthily- family, career AND a just society.

This is all about YOU.


(Click on him, I dare ya! find out all ya wanna know about BS! HA! His initials are BS and he’s the only one not full of it!)


P.S-and look! He’s been a baller since he was a wee baba! (Here he is marching with Dr King himself)


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