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I’m not even going to bother with their song, ’cause the best thing about Six was this fucking acting masterpiece by Dame Coyle. The whole Coyle family trying to scam Linda Martin needs to be made into a six part RTE series, starring Linda Martin as Linda Martin,and an ageing Dana as Nuhdeen Coyle. “Oh may gawd Linda, ay swear tu yew my date of burth is fuftuynth o the suxth – eighdee threeee”.

People care so little about Six’s one big hit called…..ah…emmmm. Hold on, it will come to me…..anyway, it doesn’t even exist on the net. I suspect it got mixed up with the Ashley Madison files on the dark web. The CIA have apparently recruited Nuhdeen to head up their torture department. Her first job is recording an audio book of Ulysses.

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