Scarlet Tracks Of The Day


This is truly the greatest video of ALL TIME.

Here are all the scarlet reasons why

  • The lyrics: name another love song that opens with a line about your da and follows it up with a Red Riding Hood reference? Put the phone away. Google will just send you back here.
  • The dancing; So you think you can dance? You can’t. B*Witched can. Running man, humping the grass dance, followed up with an ode to the scarlet king himself, Michael Flatley. All mixed in with some interpretive punching dance moves. It’s a fucking horror show and it’s perfect.
  • Gangster theme: My favourite line in any song EVER is, “I fight like me da aswell”. You know they do too, one wrong glance at the Lynch mob and you will be eating your supper through a straw for the rest of your life.
  • Special effects: Oh, I’m sorry, can you jump up in the air with no trampoline in sight? As I thought, sit down. You’re only making a show of yourself.

Buffalo G

Ah, you forgot about them didn’t you?? How could you forget about another classic from the Lynch dynasty?. The Lynch clan were the original Kardashians and The Late Late Show Boyzone clip was their sex tape. Who could have predicted one family with a creepy fetish for denim could form not one, but THREE successful bands?. I wish reality TV was around in the mid 90’s, I would have KILLED to see them at war over who was the next in line for the throne. I genuinely hope they all reform into one giant band called B*Lynch. I can’t even talk about how shit this song is, but I was still singing along to it like a moron.

I can’t remember my password for my email on the daily, but fifteen years on and I remember every lyric to this like it’s the fucking alphabet.

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